Yet more new AVRs

In a previous blog I mentioned the new atmega4809 and AVR128DA parts. Well, it seems I missed two other new families, the AVR128DB and AVR128DD series. I’ve requested some engineering samples of the AVR128DB64, and will attempt to solder one to a breadboard adapter. Will update on that later…..

The AVRxxxDB family is very similar to the DA but adds an external HF crystal oscillator (up to 32mhz), a level translator for one of the ports (so if you run the chip at 3.3volts it will be able to interface with 5v logic), and some OP amp stages that can be used as buffer amps for the A/D input, or D/A output. Only the 64 pin 128k flash variant is currently available, the rest of the variants will be shipping some time late this year, or early next year (I’m guessing).

The AVRxxDD family is a cut down version of the DB with less memory, and is only available in low pin count packages. It’s another option for those who would otherwise turn to the atTiny line of microcontrollers. The DD’s will be available in SMT 14, 20, 28, and 32 pin packages, as well as a 28 pin DIP (300 mil) package. These parts were recently announced, but are not yet available, even as samples.

No, I’m not associated with Microchip, but I’ve been following their AVR family having used these parts for years. I have also looked at the SAMD family of ARM Cortex M devices for use in ham projects. These microcontrollers offer much in memory size and processor speed, but they are much more complex than the AVR line. Except for DSP (SDR) applications, there is simply no need to go 32 bits, and the 8 bit AVR solution is usually the preferred option. The new SAMD parts did have a cost vs feature advantage over the older atMega devices, but the newest AVR parts, which are spin offs from the ‘failed’ Atmel Xmega offerings have caught up to the ARM Cortex M devices in this regard.

I had wondered if the sale of Atmel to Microchip would spell the end of the AVR. I guess I shouldn’t have worried, the product line seems to be in good hands.

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