Heathkit GC-1006 Clock Assembly Log


Packed in a plain cardboard box inside of a Priority Mail shipping box, awaiting my attention.

P1020648.JPGOn top the famous Heathkit assembly manual, and a note congratulating me on my purchase.  Strangely enough, this is called a “First Edition” kit, even though it’s been in production for some two years now.


Inside, several envelopes containing the parts.  The white box has the 9 volt “Wall Wart” power transformer.


We begin by going through the parts list, making sure that nothing is missing (nothing was).


There are two circuit boards, joined at the hip (will snap them apart later on).  Here I’ve started to add parts, resistors, capacitors, and diodes.


The Siamese twins have been separated.  Top board is the microprocessor, bottom board is the display.  An Atmel ATtiny processor holds is the brains.  It communicates via a serial bus to the LED display driver board.  A photo resistor in the lower right hand corner of the display instructs the processor how bright to shine the LEDs depending on room brightness.


The two boards are now connected via a ribbon cable, and the battery holder has been added.  6 AA cells can power the clock for over a week during a power outage.


Another view of the two married circuit boards.


The two circuit boards and the battery holder have been mounted to the bottom plate of the case.  It’s now electrically finished.


Sideways view of the almost completed clock.


Powered up and being tested.  The final step will be to add the wood sides and the top, then it will look just like the photo on the Heathkit Web site.   I just may buy the Heathkit 144/450 mhz antenna kit next.  Wish they would make a QRP SDR ham transceiver kit.

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